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We have a database of professionals with years of experience as journal, book & newspaper editors. Your work will be reviewed by editors with Masters and PhD degrees in English and English literature under our basic editorial plan.

English Language Editing: Basic

Basic English language plan provides reliable editing to correct English language errors.

•We will correct mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

•We will rephrase sentences to improve clarity, consult subject experts to identify sentences that are confusing, and make your writing style sound more professional.

English Language Editing: Advanced

Advanced provides a comprehensive edit with special emphasis on the overall flow of the sentences.

•We will correct basic language errors and rephrase or highlight confusing sentences.

•We will focus on the finer points of style and format to meet desired specifications.

•You will receive a report summary of the English language editing performed. This will give you a detailed feedback and highlight the common English language, allowing you to improve your writing skills.