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We specialize in original research papers, editorials, book chapters, reviews, grants and fellowships applications within the biological sciences (e.g. biology, medicine, immunology, biochemistry, virology, and metabolism)

Your work will be edited by researchers who:

  • are PhD-qualified in specialized areas

  • have had previous editorial experience at high impact journals (retired chief editors)

  • Have served on national grant review panels (e.g. NIH, NHMRC, NSERC, Welcome Trust, ANR)

  • are highly successful in their fields, understand the publishing process, and know what is expected from journal editors and reviewers.  Many have published in top-ranked journals such as:

  1. Nature

  2. Cell

  3. Immunity

  4. Journal of Immunology

  5. The Lancet

  6. Science, and specialized journals such as

  7. Diabetes

  8. Journal of Infectious Diseases

  9. Virology and Cell Metabolism

Our Process


Step 1: English Language Edit


In the first stage your document is reviewed for English Language Editing. This allows subject specialist editors in the next stage to focus on your ideas and content.

Step 2: Academic Review


This constitutes the major step of the scientific editing process. A group of senior editors evaluates your work and selects a subject expert in the field who will rigorously review your paper (a similar process like peer review). The edits, comments and suggestions encompass:

•how well your content and conclusions reflect your central hypothesis and objective(s)

•the structure, organization, formatting, clarity, flow and strengths of the arguments

•the description of your methods, data and how your conclusions were formulated

•the quality and suitability of your figures, tables and supplementary materials

•any sections that contain irrelevant information or lack depth

•appropriate statistical analysis (additional cost for review by an expert Bio-statistician)

•the strength of your cover letter and other supporting materials (if provided)


Stage 3: Secondary Edit


In the final step, your work is comprehensively reviewed by a NICE Consultant editor in the field. This editor examines the content again, and provides additional edits and feedback.


Editorial Report

In addition to your edited (marked up) files, you will receive a 1-2 page report containing:

•feedback on the key issues identified – including strengths and weaknesses

•journal recommendations (if your text is a journal article)

•insight into how your work might be viewed by journal editors and peer reviewers

•suggestion on how to improve your future work

•recommendations on statistical analysis

Note: Our editors and reviewers operate under the strictest ethical guidelines. We will not make suggestions of potential reviewers for any article you submit to a journal. All our editors and reviewers have declared their journal associations and they will decline to handle your manuscript if a scenario arises that would jeopardize the integrity of the peer-reviewed process – as this would constitute a criminal offense.