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About us



Welcome to NICE Consultants artwork and editorial services. Our services are designed to assist researchers in publishing and promoting their work to advance their careers.


At NICE Consultants, we are committed to helping researchers in the biomedical sciences succeed. We provide high-quality biomedical illustrations and editorial services to researchers at academic and biotech institutions. We assist researchers to polish their theses, manuscripts, grants and fellowship applications.  

NICE Consultants was formed in 2014 through an international collaborative effort among active researchers who realized there is a need to assist their peers to succeed in a scientific career. We also recognize the needs of non-English speaking researchers who are often disadvantaged by the rigorous scrutiny of language by journal editors and reviewers. Our editorial team comprises dozens of highly successful researchers in their fields and include laboratory heads, senior lecturers, associate professors and emeritus professors.


Our editors have had significant successes in major grants like the NIH and have been involved in journal editorial processes and grant assessment. Most of our editors are currently at, or previously worked at, top academic institutions in the USA, Canada, Australia, France and the UK.

About NICE Consultants Artwork and Editing Service

NICE Consultants Artwork and Editing Service offers three main types of services:

  1. English Language editing that focuses on improving written documents to get your ideas across. We occasionally offer services for non-scientific documents, as well

  2. Scientific editing of manuscripts, reviews, book chapters, abstracts and grants

  3. Publication-quality biomedical illustrations and artwork